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Beyond Black Mountain was founded in 2021 as an NPC to highlight and restore our conservation and tourism sectors in Caledon and the greater Theewaterskloof. Our primary focus at the moment is the conservation, protection and rebuilding of the Caledon Wildflower Garden and Nature Reserve for future generations. This absolutely unique site is on the brink of collapse and requires urgent intervention.


Restoration of this site will serve as a bastion and a rallying point around which we aim to further develop the conservation and tourism footprint within the area and the greater region to the benefit of all.

Lizel Kimber

Founder & CEO

Conservation & Tourism

Charl Folscher


Media & Marketing

Grant Kimber

Accountant & Administrator

Sonja Maree

Tourism & Fundraising

Johnathan Swindon

Finance & Legal



By donating to Beyond Black Mountain NPC, you're not just contributing financially, you're becoming part of a community that values the preservation of our natural heritage and the sustainable development of tourism in the area. Your support is invaluable in helping them continue their important work in the Overberg region.

The opening of Beyond Black Mountain NPC’s Tourism, Conservation, and Information Office in Caledon is a major milestone. This hub promotes Caledon, Theewaterskloof, and the wider Overberg area, focusing on conservation, tourism, and local economic development. Through eco-tourism, agri-tourism, learnership programs and local economic development initiatives, we aim to revitalize the area. We rely on community and visitor support to preserve the region's natural and cultural heritage. Join our efforts to make a difference in tourism, conservation, and education in this unique area.


Monthly costing of office overheads:

Rent:  R3500

Electricity: R150

Website:  R1500 

Wi-Fi:  R400

Vlog expenses:  R2500

Beyond Black Mountain Office

Reference: office

During November 2021, the Theewaterskloof municipality signed into action a Memorandum of Agreement that would allow Beyond Black Mountain NPC to start work in the Caledon Wildflower Garden and Nature Reserve in conjunction with the municipality to look at various conservation projects to revitalise the Caledon Wildflower Garden and the Nature Reserve. . . all the while, time is running out for the many potentially critically endangered species.

We are currently running an alien vegetation removal volunteer drive (called Hacking) in the Caledon Wildflower Garden and Nature Reserve and in starting the process we are working with conservation partners and specialists to remove more established vegetation higher up in the nature reserve. 

The Caledon Wildflower Garden & Nature Reserve

Reference: wildfower

At Beyond Black Mountain, we strive to promote the beauty and creativity of the Overberg region. In partnership with Baz-Art, The Whale Coast Art & Wine Route and Overberg Agri, we are launching The Overberg Silo Art Project - the first of its kind in South Africa.

This art project will bring together local and international artists to create stunning works of art on the silos of the Overberg region. Not only will the project bring colour and vibrancy to the area, but it will also raise awareness of the importance of agriculture and tourism in the region. We invite you to explore our project and discover the unique beauty of the Overberg.

Overberg Silo Art Project

Ref: silos

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