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About Us

Beyond Black Mountain was founded in 2021 as an NPC to highlight and restore our conservation and tourism sectors in Caledon and the greater TheewaterskloofOur primary focus at the moment is the conservation, protection and rebuilding of the Caledon Wildflower Garden and Nature Reserve for future generations. This absolutely unique site is on the brink of collapse and requires urgent intervention.


Restoration of this site will serve as a bastion and a rallying point around which we aim to further develop the conservation and tourism footprint within the area and the greater region to the benefit of all.

The Directors


Lizël Kimber

Founder & CEO

Conservation & Tourism


Johnathan Swindon

Finance & Legal


Charl Fölscher


Media & Marketing


Sonja Maree

Tourism & Fundraising


Grant Kimber

Accountant & Administrator

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