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Women's Day Delight

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Late one afternoon I receive a call from our local ward councillor asking if we have anything planned for Women's Day (9 August 2021), I say , "no" . (Truth be told with Covid I only had one event on the mind and it is The Secret Garden art in the park - 16 October)

She then asks:'How about a hike for women in The Caledon Wildflower Garden?" To which I reply, "Let's do it!"

A few calls and messages later it is all set, adverts are posted online and a buzz starts to build as we watch as the one after the other comment comes in of women gearing up for the day.

By the weekend we could not wait for Monday and then we got news of possible rain. Our attitude, well if it means we will be dancing in the rain then we will do it, but show up we will!

On the day itself we had a few light showers and a slow start, but then woman after woman started showing up. Laughs, chatter and smiles. Phenomenal women together from all backgrounds, class, race and faith coming together to celebrate the day women came together to march for equality and here we are again marching for friendship, inclusivity, building bridges, relationships

and so much more. It was a magical day spent in the garden's and I am sure we will do it again soon.

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