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The tranquility of the gardens

Technology has grown beyond any comprehension of our forebears, allowing us to be closer to our kin, friends and family with a simple touch or phone call. This closeness to any and everything however have in some ways robbed us from the solidarity, peace and state of tranquility one sometimes need to be creative and to dream.

Does the constant bombardment of daily agendas, places to be and people to see, sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, bloated and insecure, with a feeling of inadequacy when life don’t goes according to the agenda set and the places suddenly seems to far to reach?

Look to the mountain, the Black Mountain.

At the foot of it’s slopes you will find a well renowned Wild Flower Garden just waiting on you to bask and absorb its tranquil atmosphere and landscapes, there you can have picnic with the ones you hold dear on the well groomed lawns, take a slow walk around the dam and find the most mystical of lounging area's or take some “me time" and fall a sleep underneath a tree, there you can get lost in the endless paths scattered throughout the mountain slopes, all while marveling at the countless Fynbos species while dozens of bird species hypnotize you with the tranquil sounds echoing heaven on earth.

Go and make memories and look through the window of Caledon, the window rock formation that have stood the test of time, be adventurous and go for a hike up the mountain into untouched nature in the nature reserve and hear the heritage echo through the mountaintops at the old cattle Kraal of the first inhabitants of Caledon, the Khoikhoi.

You cannot dream with a clouded mind, you cannot create new ideas if the failure of the last still echoes in you minds; you cannot succeed on a new level of favor if the exhaustion of getting the last still wears on your shoulders.

Go and enjoy the wonders of nature. Go relax and re-energize. Go and clear your mind with the tranquility of the gardens.

By: M.R.Sauls - Caledon Museum

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