• Charl Folscher

The Secret Garden (Art In The ParK)

We are in Level 1 lockdown again as from last night. Woohoo!

What that means is confidence and phones ringing of the hook about The Secret Garden Art exhibit at the Caledon Wildflower Garden on 16 October. We have professional artists, up and coming artists and even school art. You can enjoy all this while doing some wine tasting and roaming through the shaded gardens. If you feel like it combine great art with a walk up to the Venster (window) rock formation for a lovely Overberg view with Caledon in the foreground. Oh and we will have live music for great vibe and atmosphere.

This event is for fundraising and awareness of the beautiful Caledon Wildflower Garden which has a history going back more than a century and therefore we will also have a fynbos exhibition with the Botanical Society in attendance.

We will be open for the public and would appreciate a donation for the gardens.

Event starts at 10am

Auction from 2pm

Garden closes at 5pm

Feel free to pack a picnic to enjoy under the shade of beautiful trees and plants.

For more info, artist applications and even donations hop over to the event page here.

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