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The inheritance of provision

Throughout the history of Caledon provision was tapped by our forebears from the natural resources provided by nature.

Caledon's claim to fame, our award-winning mountain fresh waters and hot springs with its medicinal properties that attracted the world’s travelers throughout the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Our second greatest tourist attraction, honored by the Queen of England, our garden of Eden, our horticulture and its vast array of natural fauna and flora majestically nestled in the heart of our Black Mountain and the flower show parades attracted thousands of visitors and tourists annually. Our beautiful countryside with its Mediterranean crisp climate and fertile soil allows us to tower above the rest as agricultural giants.

It is however the tapping of these resources that requires not only labor, love and passion but a sense of responsibility, pride and guardianship.

The town of Caledon is not only the Capital of the Overberg region, but it is also its heartbeat. Caledon gave birth to numerous pioneers, which through their Caledonian pride and actions have placed Caledon on the world map and have paved the way for our generation to not only dream big and to reach for the starts, but most importantly to take responsibility for the preservation of our heritage like they did and to also take guardianship over our inheritance to make provision for our children and theirs.

Without the luxuries of technology, they laid a foundation as solid as our Venster rock formation. Imagine what we could accomplish with the resources we possess today, with the class of dreams we are able to dream today, but we have to acknowledge that the tranquility of Caledon’s rhythm, the pulse of our Caledon, is tourism.

Let us present our Caledon with all its beauty, its natural resources, proud heritage, architecture and the rich history to the world. Let’s show off our inheritance for if we take care of our Caledon, our Caledon will take care of us, so that together we will be able to provide the inheritance of provision.

By: M.R. Sauls

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