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Spring has Sprung

Recently new life was blown into the Caledon Wildflower Garden. Our local municipality has been doing a sterling job of getting it back into shape and it's become a safe haven for lunch time walks, weekend hikes and picnics.

There is however still much to do and funds are tight. 80% of the current garden and nature reserve is covered in alien vegetation, the irrigation system needs an update and there is a huge need for the nursery to be re-established. There is also a hope to have the old tea garden refurbished into an information and tourism office. The potential is never ending, but it's here where our responsibility comes to play.

We can support these efforts and put this 94 year-old beauty (one the oldest in South Africa) back on the map, eventually have it declared a UNESCO heritage site, by supporting fundraising efforts, not vandalising the property, by taking our rubbish with us when we leave and just showing respect to this natural treasure we have and help take care of her.

Are you up for this challenge?

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