• Charl Folscher

Scraping together a living

I have been wanting to take this photo for a while now after I saw people at the Caledon rubbish dump dig through the trash together with the baboons. I spoke to a young gentlemen and he told me they mostly look for paper, tins, metal and glass which they sell to a recycling business. This company regularly sends a truck to the dump so they don't have to always carry it all the way through town.

It was jarring to see these people dig through the trash with large baboons right next to them but surprisingly what hit me the most were the state of their hands and how deep they had to dig into the wet, soggy disgusting trash. The result of my experience is a decision to take my recycling to these resilient people so they can earn the cash. I am also planning to buy some gloves and see if this will be something they can find valuable.

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