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Scavenger hunt

The development of children’s cognitive and motor skills are crucial at an early stage. Did you know scavenger hunts hold numerous benefits towards this for kids?

Learning comes naturally to the inquisitive minds of children but getting them to focus sometimes become a struggle as all they want to do is play. Play helps children to discover and explore new things, helps them solve problems, cooperation, build friendships and test their always frequent new ideas thus play is also essential for healthy development.

Scavenger hunts provide a combination of learning and play to develop their listening and understanding skills while boosting their observation skills in a fun and relaxed way. The hands-on learning is beneficial as it increases their memory and allows problems to be solved in a tangible way. To hunt for colors, letters and shapes in a nature-filled natural setting like the Victorian Botanical Garden is just more fun than doing it on paper.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing a scavenger hunt to your child’s party, interest and abilities, from a color hunt to a pirate theme treasure hunt all the way to a local History hunt for older children.

The Victorian Botanical Garden, the garden that keeps on giving, from fame to heritage to the education of our tomorrow, our children.

Contact the Caledon Museum or Beyond Black Mountain today and turn the development of your children’s body and mind into play time.

By: M.R.Sauls - Caledon Museum

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