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Out and about - Gifts of Heritage

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

It has been the integral role of museums for centuries to preserve History to preserve the Heritage of our society. There exhibits displays culture through story telling without them, the question “Who Am I” can’t be answered.

No Educational Program, Institute nor Classroom can stand in comparison as a museum possesses that which they may not nor the fundamental Historical material’s that enrich.

They create memorable experiences like none other.

Through thoughtful curation museums break even the Laws of Science as traveling through time becomes possible. The Collection within the Caledon Museum’s House Museum is one of the most significant resources of the town of Caledon. They allow people to experience, smell, see and touch the Heritage that runs in the veins of Caledon. The Cultures of others, a gift from Heritage, their hopes and dreams for their future dreams.

George Santanya, Author and Philosopher once said, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” thus it is crucial that we the people of Caledon preserve our History and Cultures as they are the foundation that shapes our tomorrow.

The Caledon Museum interprets and exhibits the tangible and intangible evidence of our society. We also tell stories of overcoming adversity some tragic yet drive those who enquire cultivating appreciation of diversity in times of turmoil to evoke change across all physical and none physical barriers as we polarize common ground by teaching from the past bringing communities regardless of class, race or gender together and educating future generations by bridging generational gaps by tapping into technology for increased engagement from the communities we serve and to gain the prominence as a valuable staple of society.

Integrating technology we generate interest and ignite the flame of curiosity in the minds of children and adults alike through virtual tours & exhibitions we make it possible for those not able to physically visit our museum to travel back in time. It also gives us the opportunity to blend the real world with the past, with the present and the future regardless of your focus, whether it is gaining in depth perspective of our region and town, Historical event’s or arts and culture there’s simply nothing quite as immersive as visiting a museum, to receive a gift, a gift from Heritage.

We encourage the love of History, listening to stories, encourage questions, sparks creativity, foster family bonding, inspires and create lifelong learners by offering an opportunity to expose children to experience and explore History, Culture and Heritage in a rich and educational environment.

We are an institution created in the public interest. We foster understanding in depth, promote the enjoyment and sharing of authentic Cultural and Heritage.

Written by MR Sauls

Caledon Museum is open from Mon-Fri 9am till 3pm

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