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Out and about - Daytrip: Pre Standford

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Early Tuesday morning we bundle into the car and head out to a well known landmark - Van Brakelstoor. There we are met by Ounooi van Straten, a proper farm style breakfast and warm hospitality. Afterwards we are left to explore the store and find out about the almost hundred year old establishment.

Our next stop is the charming Stonehouse Cheese, here Matthew and Bianca teach us about the dairy industry and the art of artisan cheesemaking. Of course we get to taste these amazing cheeses.

Off to Raka Wines for a pre lunch wine tour and tasting. Josef spoils us with the unique story of the farms' name and how a change in agricultural practises led to award winning wines.

Fortified we head out to De Oudekraal Wedding Venue. We are met with picturesque views and quaint cottages. The wedding venue itself is hidden in a eucalyptus forest with a cozy chapel on the hill straight from a movie scene.

A feast awaits us as we arrive for lunch at Stanford Valley's Manor House Restaurant. After lunch more gorgeous views and a tour around the property. They not only boast with a restaurant, but also a conference centre, accommodation and a spa as well.

Our last stop for the day is Boschrivier wines. During a post lunch winetasting we find out about the fauna and flora of the area. Hiking trails in the mountain and history of the valley.

I am excited by these wonderful young farmers doing extraordinary things on their farms and cannot wait to return again for more visits and exploration, especially knowing it is right outside my back door.

We cannot express our gratitude enough to Ounooi van Straaten for hosting us for the day and introducing us to everyone.

To find out more of our day also watch our daytrip video posted on our Facebook page.

A huge thank you to everyone that welcomed us so warmly and shared their stories with us. We appreciate you!

Hop over to the places we visited and book your own adventure!

Van Brakel Stoor

Tel: 028 212 2214

Email: vanbrakelstoor@twk.co.za

Website: vanbrakelstroor.co.za

Operating hours: Mon - Fri, 8:30 - 16:30

Sat - 8:30 - 14:30

Stonehouse cheese

Tel: 074 156 7406

Email: stonehousecheese@twk.co.za

Website: stonehousecheese.co.za

De Oudekraal Wedding Venue

Tel: 082 213 2537

Email: admin@deoudekraalvenue.co.za

Website: deoudekraalvenue.co.za

Raka Wines

Tel: 028 341 0676

Email: info@rakawine.co.za

Website: rakawine.co.za

Operating hours: Mon - Fri, 9 - 5

Sat/PH, 10 - 3

Stanford Valley

Manor House Restaurant

Tel: 072 198 0862

Email: info@stanfordvalley.co.za

Website: stanfordvalley.co.za

Operating hours: Wed, 5pm

Thurs - Sun, 8 - 5

Boschrivier wines

Tel: 076 736 0351

Email: drnjtdevilliers@mweb.co.za

Website: boschrivierwines.co.za

Operating hours: Mon - Fri, 8 - 5

Ounooi van Straaten at Van Brakel Stoor

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