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Our Caledon

Neglected and forgotten is how our Caledon seemed to be long before the Covid-19 pandemic, its effects leaving us devastated and its after-effects still haunts us to today, but through it all I can’t help but to notice its collateral beauty.

Throughout this pandemic I’ve seen people going back to basics especially with regards to their humanity. One hand washing the other, feeding another, finding ways to recreate, revalue what is important, reconnect bonds that have broken and rebuild relationships that have been neglected and forgotten.

How favoured we are to call Caledon our home, posted at the foot of the Black Mountain and its elegant slopes, rich with all the wonders she provides. We don’t have to start over from nothing for if our forebears could find a way to put Caledon on the world map without a tool like technology using just the basics within their grasp, just imagine what we can accomplish with the tools we possess today.

Throughout the history of Caledon, the Caledonians who came before us knew the importance of not only the preservation of our natural resources but the responsibility to find sustainable means of harvesting from it to ensure that our children too may be fortunate to reap from it.

The danger however in reaping from nature is greed, for just like our basic instincts are to help one another in rough and tough times, so too does greed take over when we don’t sow what we reap, and the reaping seems free. Who counts the cost?

In the late 1800’s our spring water won the first prize for the best mineral water in the world. Our thermal springs attracted people from all over the world, so too our wildflowers and the spectacular shows that came with it. We built a premier resort on the slope of a mountain overlooking the vast and beautiful countryside. Hosted the first agriculture show in South Africa and scraped the skyline with silos to prove it. We built a garden filled with gasping wonders majestic enough to be honored by a Queen.

Throughout the history of Caledon, its people overcame so many adversities, but one thing is true that when we stand together, when Caledonians take hands and start to rally like we do after our towns’ sports teams, magic happens.

The time has come for us to stand behind our Caledon like never before, to dust her off and parade what she favoured us with to the world and to take up the responsibility that is our Caledon, to preserve her wonders not only to make history nor to attract the world once more but to sow into her so that our children’s laughter may echo mists the tranquility, the beauty of our inheritance and the abundance of our provision so that they may weigh the gold of our harvest.

By: M.R.Sauls - Caledon Museum

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