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On a dark and stormy night....

No pun intended. It really was a dark and stormy night when a group of 10 people of all ages and walks of life came together to share a hearty meal, then they all bundled themselves up warmly and stepped out into the rain for a short walk to the Caledon Museum.

There they were met by a dark passenger that led them from room to candle lit room and shared a tit-bit of local history and a story or two - a ghost story that is.

For those who don't know, the the Caledon Museum is partly homed in a masonic lodge and this is where this evening was ended. In the bowels for the building, which was believed to be the baptism room and in this dark room, in candle light more local ghost stories were shared, conversations had and friendships forged.

The next Ghost story evening will be hosted on the 30th of September. Cost is R120 per person and includes a light meal, a glass of sherry for the nerves, a museum tour and many entertaining local ghost stories.

Please pre book your seat to this popular event at Caledon Museum.

Tel: 028 212 1511

As per usual strict Covid protocols are followed.

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