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History of the Caledon Museum

The community of Caledon, being rich in history became aware of the potential artifact available and the need for a museum to preserve the heritage of Caledon.

In March 1970 an open meeting was called where Mr. J. H. de Kock (Museum Services) addressed and explained the roles and functions of a museum.

On 5 May 1970 a founding meeting was held where two committees, a Fund-raising and Item Collection were formed. A constitution drawn up by Mr. A. J. Verster was read, accepted and its principal’s and methods of documentation adopted and used by other museums.

Built in 1928 the house at 11 Krige Street, which later served as the town’s maternity ward till 1970 then housed the town’s first museum after various alterations were made to the building. Provincial status was proclaimed in August 1972 and after the collecting of the museums collection the museum opened its doors to the public in 1973.

In the early 1990’s the museum opened a shop behind the current ABSA Bank and was later appointed as caretaker(s) of the Town Hall where a beautiful collection of the town’s people and family portraits could be seen. Housing the town’s tourism office the museum grew far greater than the expectations of its founders.

In the late 1900's the museum bought and restored its current locations, 11 and 16 Constitution Street where a Victorian Home build circa 1830 and the Old Masonic Lodge built 1917 which at the time of occupying the Town Hall served as the museum’s store room now houses the heritage and historical wealth of Caledon where various styles, fashions, mahogany furniture and the numerous ornaments and photographs, many fascinating documentations, odds and ends used daily a hundred and more years ago.

The Caledon Museum is the remarkable result of dedication and hard work by members of the community, a worthy commendable achievement.

Come and enjoy the sharing and learning of Caledon’s heritage.

By: M.R.Sauls – Caledon Museum

Information Source: Our Heritage – A History of Caledon by Joy Edwards, Caledon Museum Archives – Local Histrory.

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