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Heritage Walk

We walked a walk that anointed us as guardians, guardians of heritage.

Through the wonder of our wild flower garden, guided by the drumming of heaven, we left our footprints in Caledon’s nature reserve amongst the silent echo of the indigenous. We rested our shadows in theirs as the oil of the fynbos washed our feet, and the mountain air clenched our soul.

Baptized in the historical springs of Caledon, we aim to serve and to be of service to the town of Caledon and the people who call it home and to bestow guardianship of our culture, history and heritage to our children.

“It behoves every one of us to have knowledge and appreciation of the past, of our historical buildings, our place in the evolution and development of South Africa, and to realise the importance of our cultural an ecological heritage"

Come walk with us on the old wagon road and travel to a time where Caledon was the center of everything around it. A time where Caledon housed Kings and Queens, Chiefs and Captains, leaders in agriculture and horticultural shows that attracted people from far and wide, natural springs that cured the sick and quenched the thirst of weary travelers.

Caledon still has its natural resources; it’s scenery of rolling hills that stretch to the feet of breathtaking mountains, blossoming with the most beautiful fynbos.

Let’s start investing in our own heritage again and attract the world with our culture, our uniqueness. Let’s give them a taste of this slice of heaven of ours so that our children’s children may be anointed in the springs that made us, fall in love in the garden that famed us and live amongst our heritage that can center us once more as a mecca for tourism. Let us reclaim what we’ve lost and walk together towards a better and sustainable Caledon.

Wisdom is to the one who knows their heritage.

by: Marlon Sauls - Caledon Museum

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