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Guardians of Heritage

Zwartberg (Caledon), born from the heartbeat of a mountain spring.

Each day in the archives of the Caledon Museum, we unwrap a present of yesterday and receive the value of tomorrows heritage, for we will be the heritage, that we bestow value upon today. The cumulative collections of our shared histories, provincial monuments, archaeological sites, landscapes and intangible expressions of our culture, such as traditions must not be buried, and if the thoughtful curation of our history can determine our lives’ and town’s trajectory, then we choose to protect and if must be, defend it. We believe that the responsibility of the heritage of our kin not only rests in it's preservation but in the educational unwrapping there of.

Without a doubt, tourism has always been the photosynthesis (life-bringer) of our town. Our town was once a mecca for potentates of all classes, Kings, Queens, and the thousands in between. Our natural resources have attracted and astonished travelers from far and wide since the 1600’s. If it is true that nature cannot exist without a circle of life, then true it must be that the resources that employ our town’s population cannot sustain themselves or our people without the resurrection of connection. We cannot blossom a garden as majestic as Caledon if we do not acknowledge that the flowers need the bees as much as the bees need the flowers, people their town as much as the town its people, tourism needs businesses as much as businesses need tourism. Without a circle of unity our Eden cannot bloom if we do not bestow value upon the pollen of our heritage.

As our wildflowers attract the sugarbirds we too can delight ourselves in the nectar of sustainable tourism. Even the clouds high and low, big or small, must come together in order for it to rain, to give life to the ambitions, hopes and dreams buried in the endless fertile possibilities of our town.

To be in full service of our town’s society and its development, we treasure each raindrop of material and non material evidence of our town’s history. Through community projects and exhibits of heritage for the purpose of community building, conservation, study, education and enjoyment we encourage all Caledonians to be a part of the heartbeat of our town.

We are all guardians of wealth no gold, silver nor bronze can out scale, wealth that is priceless. We are guardians, guardians of heritage.

By: Marlon Sauls - Caledon Museum

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