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Come all ye wonder wanderers

Updated: Apr 9

Located at the foot of the Klein-Swartberg, 112 km east of Cape Town, surrounded by lush green farmlands as far as the eye can see, here I lay, the heart of the Overberg.

My veins branch out in fynbos surrounded mountain trails through wildflowers and into a nature reserve from where the mountaintop views leave you in awe of the wonders of the countryside stretching without end and the crisp fresh air leaves you with a serenity fit for the heavens.

As you look upon me on a clear sunny day you can see the sun set over the horizon of the sea to your right and to your left where the two oceans meet. The Indian and the Atlantic oceans, creating a climate perfect for paradise as it makes its way to my heart and gives life to any and all seeds that wishes to bloom in the tranquility of my heart.

In my heart I hold horticulture and agriculture wonders, hot springs and cold springs, provincial and national monuments.

Come all ye wonder wanderers, you bird watchers, garden lovers, mountain hikers and star gazers. Come and relax in my curative hot springs and stop and quench your thirst with my award-winning spring waters. I have something for the old and the young, the adventurous and those who just want to take a walk amongst heritage second to none other.

Through my history, Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses came and they acknowledged the endless possibilities I possess, the beauty of my natural resources and the wonder that I am, I the magnificent Caledon, so come, come all ye wonder wanderers come.

By: M.R.Sauls - Caledon Museum

Information Source:Our Heritage - A History of Caledon by Joy Edwards

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