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Out and about - Celebrating a diverse heritage

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The Caledon Museums Heritage Exhibition aims to reflect & celebrate the diversity and traditions that underpin our town and it’s surrounding areas. We believe that if the heritage of our country is important than so too should our individual heritage. Our own stories matter as they impact our future and help shape our future selves. “The complexities of life are easier to understand through storytelling “ as it is how we tell them for they may determine our life’s trajectory.

We aim to bridge the gaps through reflection by reflecting on our own heritage and cultural background, shaping it with others with a different heritage than our own, we create the opportunity to find common ground. NO ONE IS AN ISLAND. Our own life stories are contextualised within our community setting, our community in return make up the building blocks of the town we live in.

Our heritage exhibition displays to name a few

The Khoi-San of the Overberg a study done by J.Prins

Pencil drawings of the Khoi-San and there activities in the 1600’s

Khoi-San Artifacts

The photographs of the people who lived in our town and it’s surrounding areas from the middle 1800’s to the late 1900’s

Community projects of our town’s people and there stories throughout the late 1900’s

News papers from 1925 up until 2020 that covers all the activities throughout the years

Photographs of historical buildings in our town

The Caledon Museum as a whole is a history museum covering the history of our town it’s people and that of the surrounding areas history, most importantly preserving it’s heritage.

Understanding our own communities heritage and celebrating it enables better connections more so creating stronger unity within our town.

We believe that education are fundamental for all cultural heritage. To explore and validate our own heritage assist with the development of individual and collective potential through the common understanding of historical roots which provide a sense of total being.

There is no value in celebrating heritage month if we can’t educate our people about there past because only when you learn what life was you can imagine what it could be.

We are honoured to preserve our town’s history more so, to educate them about it.

To protect and preserve our town’s heritage as a whole through our collections and associated materials and buildings we aim to make a unique and positive contribution to society by:

Providing opportunities for learning

Enabling the use of collections and associated information to expand human knowledge

Stimulating creativity & the spirit of enquiry

Providing a sense of pride of place & social cohesion and inclusion

Offering opportunities to develop a better understanding of there role in society, pride in their heritage and appreciation of cultural diversity

Creating a sense of security of times of change in society

Entertaining and educating visitors.

Therefore we:

Help our town and it’s people to understand not only the community nor town but the world by using objects and ideas to interpret the past and the present to explore the their future

We preserve & research collections, and make objects & information accessible in actual and virtual environments .

As the Caledon Museum we do not take the role of developing a sustainable economy in our town’s cultural and heritage tourism.

We Are in full service of our town’s society and it’s development, and open to the public which acquires, conserve, research, communicates and exhibits heritage for the purpose of study, education, enjoyment, material evidence of people an their environment.

Heritage to us is defined as elements of our own inherited past that we value.

Through social media tools we aim to provide efficient service to our visitors and at the same time attract more visitors, they provide facilities to a wider connectivity.

Our mandate amongst other aims through social media is to educate our visitors about the history, culture & natural heritage of our town and it’s surrounding areas about chosen subjects for future generations and only a fraction of our collections will be made available on the internet, the availability of these collections allow consumers to experience our museum in greater numbers including those not able to physically visit the museum nor the physical events.

Written by: M Sauls, Caledon Museum

Caledon Museum's operating hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

Tel: 028 212 1511

Email: caledonmuseum@gmail.com

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