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Caledon Wildflower Garden

Updated: Oct 6

Dear reader,

We are on a mission to save our beloved Caledon Wildflower Garden and nature reserve.

Why? Because:

- our wildflower garden, nature reserve and mountains are home to the largest amount of heather species in the world of which it is estimated that there are 234 species. The Erica species makes up the largest portion.

- it is one of the oldest gardens and nature reserve in South Africa

-it has an intact Khoi kraal

- it has a natural rock formation, known as the "Venster" (Window) looking out over the town of Caledon.

- has major eco tourism and job creation potential and should be declared an environmental heritage site.

How you can help our cause:

- join our fundraising event, The Secret Garden art in the park on the 16th of October

- share this post

- donate towards the cause. Reference options: Wildflower Garden




Make a payment to Beyond Black Mountain (yoco.com)

- get involved

Funding will be going to:

- restore Fynbos

- re-establishment of the nursery

- new irrigation system

- removal of alien vegetation

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