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I’ve lived in many places, traveled to many more. I’ve seen the breathtaking wonders of the world and I’ve also seen those no one would even give a second glance at.

Throughout it all, there remains only one place like home, my Caledon.

Here everyone knows everyone even if it’s just by face. Greetings are exchanged in the morning, kindness in times of unrest and sympathy in times of sorrow.

Surrounded by farmlands that paints our home in different colors of beauty with the seasons, nestled in mountain ranges filled with fynbos species found no where else in the world. Springs that are one of a kind, iron rich yet hot, medicinally beneficial for ailments of all kinds, our waters not only posses the beauty of growth but acts like ointment anointing us as blessed.

We are not that different from other towns, we have our disagreements, but when you live in a town where one hand must wash the other disagreements don’t last very long. Rich in culture, ethnicity and beliefs, our diversity is as vibrant as the natural resources and aspects of nature that surrounds us.

Here we do everything in our own way at our own pace. Finding beauty in the simplest of things. You go hiking for miles on end up a mountain that looked like you could be at the top in minutes. Marvel at old architecture proudly preserved by its owners, walking through the iconic heritage site Mill Street that formed part of the old “Kaapse wagen weg" and if your lucky you’ll make a new friend who can show you our Caledon through their eyes.

If you look close enough, be still enough the beauty and tranquility of Caledon will automatically make you fall in love with a place only a select group of people are honored and blessed enough to call home.

By: M.R.Sauls - Caledon Museum

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