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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

“The Zwarteberg, it’s springs and naturally beautiful features, the deep kloofs and valleys, the rivers and vast, open lands, the village of Caledon and all the buildings, form an amazingly complex and integrated cultural, social and natural environment. It would be a mistake to view each of them in isolation of one another.”

Home is where the heart is and mine rests amid beds of canola, misty mountain slopes covered with Proteas, Nerinas, Gazinias, Sparaxis and Arctotits among an array of other beautiful fynbos species that have attracted thousands over the years, dating back to 1892 when the first Wild-Flower Show was held.

Where the wildflower garden flows into a nature reserve filled with heritage, rich and vibrant as the colorful flowers that accompany them; that is where my footprints will forever lay. In 1977 Mr. H.J van Eck, a descendant of P.J Rademan, first subsequent owner of Zwarteberg farm (Caledon), echoed Princess Alice’s sentiments when she opened the flower show in 1927 and he said “we must in our planning ensure that the vestige of our flora and fauna are not trampled into the history books in the name of progress”, although many developments took place over the years, Caledon still remains like the town of old with all its preserved natural resources and dozens of amenities only Caledon can offer.

Home for me is where the earth quenches my thirst and relieves me from ailments through award winning natural spring waters that is where my heart beats to the rhythm of country life. The fresh Mediterranean climate free of city air pollution and where a small town bursts with monuments, historical sites and unchanged historical architecture, a town that bears the title of the capital of the Overberg.

Where birds still sing hymns of peace and neighbors still find time to great each other in the morning, where everyone knows everyone in some way or another, where the morning grain train whistle is the towns’ rooster and the sunsets echo the beauty of the sunrises, that is home.

Where there are problems of all kinds just like anywhere else, but the people’s faith stands steadfast like the natural venster rock arch that has stood the test of times; my Caledon, that is home.

By: M.R.Sauls

Information Source: Our Heritage – A History of Caledon by Joy Edwards, Caledon Museum Archives.

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